As of October 2023, over 10 MILLION illegal aliens have crossed our border. We’re witnessing a wholesale tragedy on our southern border – and the Biden Administration is allowing it to happen.

Human trafficking, gun running, and drug smuggling are threatening Americans all across this country. So far, over 100,000 Americans have died from fentanyl overdoses.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are willfully abdicating their responsibility to protect and defend this country. I won’t stand for it.

In the legislature I introduced one of the toughest anti-illegal immigration laws ever written.

The “Protecting Arizona Against Illegal Immigration Act” is a November 2024 ballot initiative. This new law would shut down major loopholes that allow businesses to hire illegal immigrants, prohibit them from receiving taxpayer-funded welfare benefits, and make it a felony to knowingly help illegals break the law.

Unlike many past failed attempts by state lawmakers to crack down on illegal immigration, this law works by expanding the existing E-Verify law, which has already been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. If passed by the voters, it will bring about real and meaningful change to Arizona.

This ballot measure would:

Make it a class 6 felony to knowingly assist illegal aliens in their efforts to break the law.

Give Arizona’s law enforcement agencies greater resources to enforce immigration laws by instituting tough financial penalties for violations ($10,000 per offense).

Require any state funded government agency or program which provides social welfare benefits to individuals to run them through E-Verify.

Require businesses to run E-Verify when hiring independent contractors for the first time.

Require any state agency that issues documentation, licensing, accreditation, or identification that is not immigration related to run an applicant through E-Verify.

As your next Representative in the U.S. Congress, I’ll fight to secure our border and stop the illegal alien invasion of our country. Here is my plan:

Finish the Wall.

Triple the number of U.S. Border Patrol Agents.

Supply the Border Patrol with drones, vehicles, technology, and whatever else they need to do their jobs.

Stop amnesty for illegal aliens. We cannot allow lawbreakers the right to vote.

Change the law to restrict claims of political asylum.

Sanction Mexico and any other countries that aid and abet illegal immigration into our country, including cutting off foreign aid, and shutting down ports of entry.

Prohibit the allocation of taxpayer funds for housing, transportation, legal services, or other assistance to individuals who enter our country unlawfully.

Deport illegal aliens, as failure to do so may incentivize individuals to cross our border unlawfully, continue to break our laws, and flood our country.

Border security is national security. Just halfway through 2023, more than 127 individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list have been caught at our border. This should alarm every single law-abiding American, yet the Biden Administration shrugs it off while putting all of us at risk of a terrorist attack.



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